Save the stray animals

Win a free holiday! - Save the stray animals

Alanya Stray Dogs Support Group
We are a group of many people that are trying to help and save de stray animal on de streets. Our wish is that every dog will get adopted. Some of us put their own lives second for those dogs and others have less time or energy but most importantly, we are all doing our best to save these stray animals.

The Contest
We as Bella Heikinbaari Bistro Restaurant & Bar wanted to support Alanya Stray Dogs Support Group by setting up a contest around them. You’re helping them and us by giving us a tip. How does it work, you may ask? The collected tips of this month will be multiplied by the owner and donated to Alanya Stray Dogs Support Group. You can enter the contest by guessing the total amount of tips on our Facebook post: Click here. You are not obligated to give a tip before entering.

Winner Price
You will win a relaxing stay at the dog friendly Vesta Kleopatra Apartments in Alanya for four people. So bring your family or friends with you.

General terms and conditions

  • When more than one people will guess the right answer, the person who guessed the right answer first wins.
  • A person can only enter the contest once. Multiple guesses from one person aren’t allowed
  • The winner has to be 18 years or older. Participants younger than 18 years can donate but can’t win.
  • Donations are not obligated and we would never force to give tips. Yet they are always welcome and appreciated.
  • The free holiday does not include a flight, and Bella Heikinbaari Bistro Restaurant & Bar is not responsible for any faults and complains.

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